iPhone 5S data recovery after liquid damage

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31 thoughts on “iPhone 5S data recovery after liquid damage”

  1. Hi, do you have a video fix for iphone 5s, that is needed to heated it up (like hair dryer) to boot it up? and when its cold again, it will die/shut off πŸ™‚

    i already change the battery as suggested by forums…. but it still not working..

  2. my iphone 3gs has been dropped in the water, still works alil but the light is very dim cant see shit and i want to retrieve the photo/video data out of it, any chance you can retrieve it?

  3. Why are these junk phones even popular?

    Selling points:

    -Shitty thin aluminium/aluminum casing that warps
    -Music app that tries to sell itself to you whenever you launch it
    -General shitty OS, can't get anything done
    -VERY limited customisation, compared to that of Android

    Android has problems, too, I admit, but who cares because it's not cool and hip to own one of THOSE things

  4. I love it when people actually know what technology is bad or good, for example I finally found a youtube that hates apple like I do, I had an iPhone 5c like a month ago and I dropped it and the whole ducked screen just popped out, plus it had a ducked 1gb processor, u know how shit that is? I got this phone that came 3 years before that phone and it has a 2.5 gb ram that's double and it's older for fucks sake

  5. I'm new to this … So the whole point of data recovery is to get a phone that no longer works to get it to power on just enough to remove the Data from the phone , then discard the phone ?

  6. hello i have a problem with iPhone 5s I can get nothing in the screen but i check the screen in other iPhone and is working this phone is not get wet just drop so where can i see the diagram for this

  7. Obviously ppl know very little about the history of Apple and all the patents they own!
    THANKS Apple with the very first personal domestic computer dated back in the '80 that finally in 2016 someone like this idiot can open a youtube channel talking shit about one of the leader electronic software/hardware on the market!!

  8. Louis, you should check out PADS if you don't want to financially support a company like ZXW. I believe there are purchases that can be made through PADS but a lot of the schematics/board views are free. disclaimer: I haven't actually used it yet but there seems to be a lot of chatter about it to be a good (free) alternative to ZXW.

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