iPhone 2018 – Leaks & Rumors!

iPhone 11 / iPhone 9 / iPhone 2018 – Design, Display, Camera, Specs, Special Features, Storage Options, Release Date, Price!
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31 thoughts on “iPhone 2018 – Leaks & Rumors!”

  1. I’m watching on my 7 plus lulz and like the iPhone 10 is crap and a waste of people’s money and there is literally no difference between iPhone 7 or 8 original or plus doesn’t matter nothing changed the actual really good iPhone is the 5 and it’s going out of date 😢😭😅 because the six looks good in all but let’s be honest they didn’t improve much that proves that Apple is literally crap since the person (I forgot his name) that invented iPhone in the first place is dead 💀

  2. I have an iPhone SE and I was thinking about buying the new iPhone that will be launched this year… But after seeing this video I am seriously thinking about going with the iPhone 8 since I hate the iPhone X’s design… I really don’t know!!😂😫

  3. I like your leaks or should I say predictions, I'm not a big fan of iPhone x and it's notch and I think iPhone designers has ruined it's infancy I am big fan of iPhone though, iPhone designs were much better back in days specially 6 and 7

  4. As long as they keep that shitty noch on display they are ruined. The unreasonable high price and that noch is the reason IPhone x is such a major fail. If they want their sales to improve they gotta remove that shitty notch and add some features worth for it's freaking high price. Had Steve been alive he would've kicked their asses.

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