iPhone 11R (Dummy phone)

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37 thoughts on “iPhone 11R (Dummy phone)”

  1. I swear this year iPhone is going to be boring 😴 and I hope people don't be over excited about nothing apple isn't what it use to be when they first introduced the iPhone up to the iPhone 7 serious and all new X it really wasn't nothing special

  2. If it doesn't have face ID or a notch, i would definitely upgrade……but I'm staying with my 8plus forever if they keep the screen design of the X, XR etcπŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ™…πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

  3. Exactly why I'm sticking with my XS Max. No need to upgrade this year. These new iPhones apparently won't have 5G…. I live in Chicago, and have Verizon has it here. Plus this phone looks worse than the current models to be honest. I'm kind of disappointed with Apple this year with this set of iPhones πŸ“± . I'm not impressed at all J Dub.

  4. It looks like they tried to save money by using left over materials and just cut out a bigger camera hole because they know people are used to throwing money away and are probably ready to spend $$$ for no reason I would keep whatever iPhone I have now and if STEVE JOBS was still alive everyone at Apple would be FIRED PERIOD they need to come with something new CONGRATS apple you just sold a Ton of Samsung Note 10 and 10 Plus and Probably Pixel 4's LOL they gotta do better…..

  5. Still got my iPhone X and a note 10 I'm happy with those two right now , we shall see what apple brings to the table I'm more excited for gs11 but I'll skip for the note 11 lol

  6. I agree jay, if they don’t do something different this will be the worst selling i phone in history. Boring design! apple makes to much money, to put out a refresh or marginal upgrade to there phone than the year before.

  7. I only had the XS Max for two days and went back to Android. I can see myself rocking with Apple as my secondary phone if they lowered the price, made 128gb or 256gb the base storage and added some features from the iPad to the phone. If the pro is legit give it a pen…. But 99% chance that won't happen.

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