iPhone 11 vs OnePlus 7 Pro | $700 Phone Battle!

It’s time to upgrade, but you cannot be spending $1000+ USD on a new smartphone! But… you wanna treat yourself with a budget of around $700. The new iPhone 11 and the OnePlus 7 Pro fall pretty neatly into this price range. So, in this video I go over both of these devices strengths and weaknesses in regard to design/build quality, display, battery life and software/hardware performance/speed in order to help you decide which one is right for you πŸ™‚


36 thoughts on “iPhone 11 vs OnePlus 7 Pro | $700 Phone Battle!”

  1. I get 7 hours of screen on time out of OnePlus 7pro and I could extend that if I take down the brightest to 70 or 80 % and even extend even farther if I switch down to 60 hz camara. quality is about the same between them two give the edge to the iPhone, video quality iPhone wins there two but everything else goes to the OnePlus Android it's not even close!! If one ain't invested in apple ecosystem or ain't a content creator (which the latter one should go in hand with the first) there's no point in getting the a iPhone over any mid rage to flaship Android phone honestly !

  2. I am from Egypt and this is my first time watch u and I should say that u are amazing and very good in that thank u for this review but I am still confusing what should I get I really love Oneplus7 so much and want to try this so much but I am really afraid of his camera so much

  3. Like my OnePlus 7T Pro. Just as I expected some minor upgrades from the old Oneplus 7. But the new blue color is a bit toned so like it a lot, but a glass is glass which catches a ton of fingerprints so have ordered this clear protector from gadgetshieldz.com. Hope it protects from scratches and stuff.

  4. It’s 800 and 750 in Germany πŸ˜‘but i would take the iPhone 11 because of the software and camera and the One plus for the screen the 90hz , speed, fingerprint . Hopefully 2020 we will see a full screen iPhone ! πŸ˜’

  5. My version why iOS is better:-

    1- Ads are less

    2- Apps are better in terms of UI, Facebook has all control buttons at the bottom, whatsapp is better on iOS, Instagram is better, stories look better due to DPI.

    3- I can never accept android emoji, iOS emojis are love

    4- iMessage for sharing quality media sharing

    5- iCloud backup, you can backup whole phone like a ghost image on your icloud, and then restore. It simply works 100% times. It is damn so convenient. I never fear of losing anything due to iCloud. Android backup is kinda hit and miss and not reliable.

    6- Apps pushes less notification daily. Yess! Check it.

    7- App updates are better in quality wise, on Android apps updates are pushed every single day. Unstable version many times.

    8- Ecosystem man! I love iOS Ecosystem.

    9- Software Support till you die lol. Every single update is pushed on the same single day.

    10- Perfect UI. Android guys will die in doing stupid customizations changing icons launchers kernels custom roms, utter shit! I never feel like doing so on iOS.

    Apple Vs Google
    Optimization Vs Customization
    Smoothness Vs Speed
    Privacy Vs Piracy

    Choice is yours, mine is Apple only.

    I'll choose an iPhone as my Primary phone any day.

    I use iPhone Xr and OnePlus 7 currently

  6. I prefer the 11 because iOS gets MUCH more updates for consistently and the iPhone 11 could last a whole year or two more than the one plus 7 pro. iPhone 11 also has a better processor. A13 bionic is the most powerful chip. The one plus is a great value phone, but I prefer a iphone 11(BTW coming from the galaxy s9)

  7. REALLY, REALLY well done. I own the 7 Pro and agree with pretty much everything here. I happen to get much better battery life, approximately 7 – 8 hours SOT, with HEAVY daily usage that includes at least a couple hours of PUBG Mobile per day as well as a ton of YouTube, all while running QHD, 90hz, and about 80% brightness at all times . And I never charge over 90% and never go below 10%. Think I may have gotten lucky there. Cameras aren't important to me, so it's a no-brainer in my case. But that iPhone is awesome. Keep it up!

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