iPhone 11 Review: Watch this before you upgrade!

iPhone 11 Review Philippines

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49 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Review: Watch this before you upgrade!”

  1. Improve niyo Sir ang microphone niyo po, para kang may sipon e at kulang sa loudness and clarity. Improved narin cinematography niyo. Yung review niyo ay kaya ng makipagsabayan sa GSMArena and AndroidAuthority. Kunin niyo kaya style ni Pocketnow regarding daily sales sa pinas.

  2. Only the stupid ones buy iphone, with a ton of more powerful, more beautiful and a lot cheaper android phones, it really is kinda stupid in buying the expensive AF, technologically inferior phone.

  3. I really want to have and use an iphone, unfortunately iphone is too expensive, its not even street wise to buy, there are a lot of phone that has a good / great specs but in a lower price.

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