iPhone 11 Review – Insamely Great.

iPhone 11 is the iPhone for everyone. $700. great camera experience. Fantastic performance. But with the now cheaper and similar iPhone XR still for sale, should you REALLY get the 11? This review should help. Casetify Cases: – 15% discount code: CANOOPSY15. Thanks to Casetify for sponsoring this video!

Also, big thanks to the incredibly talented Noah Ganhão for his help on this video!

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27 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Review – Insamely Great.”

  1. I swear, modern phone reviews spend more time on the camera than actual camera reviews. Is this really a thing everyone cares about, or is it one of those places where people who make videos for youtube professionally aren't actually able to seperate out how much THEY personally care compared with the average user?

    The camera is the least important part of a phone for me.

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