iPhone 11 Pro vs XS (it’s simple)

30 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro vs XS (it’s simple)”

  1. By all this, it's an absolute shame with iOS 13.2. how Apple wouldn't upgrade the software on the camera for the iPhone Xs. Absolutely ridiculous. The Xs is just last year's top of the line phone and yet ppl limit it simply cause the 11 Pro has not enough progression authentically.

  2. This may sound a little silly after all this time, but I would love you to do an updated video on how to get the best out of your 11 PRO battery life plus a video on actually taking the best ‘selfies’ … PLEASE?! 🙂

  3. Great video as always. I’m torn I have the xs max, battery life is great my issue is with reception mainly in my house. Some say they upgraded from the xs max to the 11 pro max and reception improved. But not by much. I really want to wait for 2020. Can’t all the horrible reception WiFi calling is horrible for me.

  4. I recently brought the XS Max (new) and started it straight on IOS 13…the battery life is amazing and ai Watch a lot of video – easily lasts all day – usually 50% left at the end of the day – I’m not into photography so for me it’s a fantastic iPhone – Face ID is also much much faster on iOS 13👍

  5. How is it somany people having problems with battery life? I listen to music couple of hours a day plus alot of searching and still have decent amount of battery life end of the day. If I'm driving it's plugged in my car charger , at the gym plugged in the wall since I controller everything from my watch, charging while I'm working. Only time I hear ppl complaining about bettery life is YouTubers. I have never met actual person with an iPhone who complains about bettery life .Starting to think this is not a real life issue just ppl on YouTube

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