iPhone 11 Pro – TOP 10 UPCOMING FEATURES!!!

iPhone 11 Final leaks! Top 10 Upcoming features to get excited about. Apple iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11r & iPhone 11.

Checkout these epic concepts here: (Source)

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48 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro – TOP 10 UPCOMING FEATURES!!!”

  1. if apple really decides to add the stylus on the back of the phone then i hope Samsung sues them for patent design infringement Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 just recently reeased. Already has a stylus that can be strapped on the back of the phone with magnetic connector that holds the stylus on the phone.

    Aple is resorting to copying samsung stylus i hope samsung files a lawsuit and brings that copycat samsung wannabe down to it's knees!

  2. People do get a bit excited about new phones that come out. At the end of the day it's to each his own. I prefer the note 10 plus, every one else should just get what's best for them.

  3. Lemme save y'all some trouble and give a summary of this video:

    Apple is absolutely no new features to the iPhone at Android phones haven't already had for over a year. Overpriced junk.

  4. All of the comments here are from people that hate Apple, but lets think for a moment here. The real β€œsmartphone” industry started with iPhone back in 2007, before that you all tried to be fancy with ugly designs, weird keyboards and nothing innovative. Apple showed how a none cluttered, bug free and smooth OS is done, forcing Android to throw away the ugly icons and to rearrange their menus, now you all want stock android because you saw that clean is better then cluttered, and thats why every android version is more like iOS, juts look at Android 10 gesture navigation I’m impressed how they are not in court for that rip off. iPhone introduced Touch ID with 5S and suddenly everybody started including fingerprint sensors with their handsets because they saw that this tech is better then connecting dots on your lock screen… Apple Watch is the God of the smartwatches because its just better, cleaner, smoother and futuristic among all the others, because they all try to make traditional watch modern as of Apple they are doing modern futuristic watch that can do ECG on your F wrist. There is nothing like iPad, Samsung is the only one trying to get a place among all the iPads but all they do is copying iPads design and call it a day. Apple is a major player in this game like it or not if there was no Apple, well everything would be really boring cuz all of android devices this year look the same, they all have the same features with some small changes here and there. I like Apple because they make outstanding built with high quality materials, i like App Store with nothing but quality apps and games, i like Apple for their accurate and good services like Apple Pay, Apple Music, Apple TV, iTunes, iMessages and hand off capabilities, i like them because whenever i have problem their customer service provides nothing but quality and usefulness. Don’t be a mindless hater just because you prefer something else, your choice is maybe right for you but it doesn’t mean it will be right for the others.

  5. Even Samsung latest phones exceeds $1000 price range.Why the criticism on Apple?
    Apple does things late but they do it better than anyone else.if you know u know.Some hate just because they can’t afford it.

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