iPhone 11 Pro Max Review – The Truth | Two Weeks Later

I’ve had my iPhone 11 Pro Max since launch day and have been using ever since as my daily driver (it has replaced my iPhone XS Max). After two weeks of testing I finally feel it’s time to share my full review. In this video I go into depth on this handsets design, display quality, battery life/screen on time, camera performance (camera test) and software experience in order to help you decide if its right for you!

32 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro Max Review – The Truth | Two Weeks Later”

  1. Who cares it’s not a fuckin car to much my phone is not pretty do you sleep with it under your cover you just said it was ugly and in the next sentence you said it looked awesome make up your fucken mind pesononly I have a iPhone 10 and thers to many fuckin things for a phone now my iPad Pro now that’s a nice device but the phones I don’t care for and Apple is robbing every body way to much money inthink way to many problems with bugs hope they come out with 13.1.3 soon I’m not happy I’ve had a quite a few bugs with latest iOS 13.1.2 sucks

  2. There's a purpose for the camara set up. Manually Zoom in and out. It's so seemless it's like using one lens only. Also the closer they are the better the consistency in keeping the same exposure on all 3.

  3. Shame the front and that notch is ugly as hell compared to latest Android flagships. Nothing better than 1080p on YouTube is a step backwards as well so the display is hardly going to "knock ya socks off" compared to a note 10 plus.

  4. I’m started to hate reviews now. Every review looks the same. Stop talking specs and tell your experience. Not blaming Noah or anyone but it’s just what we want. Specs mentioned in the review is a welcome but we need the main thing how is it in real world

  5. Your production quality is outstanding!! I’m surprised you don’t have more subscribers! Keep up the good work, man.. these videos I find so entertaining, whether I’m looking into buying the product or just curious on how it performs.

  6. Worth upgrading from the XS Max? Anyone who says yes is ridiculous ….no way the price difference justifies the minimal upgrades…you’re better off holding on to XS Max and seeing what next year brings which is suppose to be the redesign….

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