iPhone 11 Pro CONFIRMED but… How Pro?

On Pocketnow Daily, the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro names have basically been confirmed. Some new patents show some cool features that might make it to the Apple Watch Series 5. ASUS just announced their ROG Phone II Ultimate Edition which goes beyond overkill. Huawei just announced some new color variants for the P30 Pro and teased the Android 10 update. Google is already rolling out Android 10 to all Pixel devices, we’ll update you when it reaches other phones. We end today’s show with deals…

48 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro CONFIRMED but… How Pro?”

  1. should be iPhone 11 Fun not Pro, "Pro" means you're professional developer who can write Xcode apps on the iPhone, similar to MacBook Pro better than the air for heavy simultaneous work.

  2. How “pro” is the OnePlus 7 Pro, the Mate 30 Pro, the Axon 10 Pro, or any other of the phones that are Pro? I would argue that the software on the iPhone makes it more Pro than any of them.

  3. The "Pro" moniker itself is okay because it's in line with iPads and MacBooks, but the rest of the naming is bullshit. Why don't they name iPhones like they name iPads and MacBooks?

    iPhone 11 = iPhone Air
    iPhone 11 Pro = iPhone Pro 5.8"
    iPhone 11 Pro Max = iPhone Pro 6.5"

  4. iPhone Pro yet it can't have split screen 2 apps like Android phones have for years let alone Picture in Picture apps like Samsung where you can have like 7 apps open on the app in small form

  5. You’ll gonna get used to what Apple brings to the table. Am already used and loving the square camera module. Even if pro meant profit, there would be nothing wrong with that, you want iPhone, you buy it for any price that Apple is charging. If you don’t want it, then you don’t buy it, simple

  6. i am just waiting, anytime now… they will add the word "TURBO" on all those freaking lines of smartphones. and put jay leno, jeremy clarkson or any motoring journalist/personality then charge everyone $10k for a smartphone which there are some morons who will actually buy the thing because they are a certified moron. Vroom Vrooooom for profit. F*ck me with this names. the more ring it sounds, the more expensive it gets… its getting out of control. LOL

  7. There is literally nothing that can make any ohone a 'Pro'. Professionals do not use phones for things they do, not even on the go. Real professionals are keen on working on the best device they can grab to achieve the best result they can; and for that end, a phone with a 6" screen will not do.

  8. They are bringing the same naming series like Ipad PRO n MacBook Pro. PRO means high end function.. iphone 11 as in the basic model.. makes sense but longer names hahaha I really don’t like the MAX name ..

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