iPhone 11 Pro, 2020 iPhone SE 2 & Apple Watch 5 Leaks!

Last minute iPhone 11 Pro leaks! iPhone SE 2 coming in 2020, Touch ID iPhones CONFIRMED, Apple Tile tracker design & Apple watch series 5 features shown.

Last iPhone 11 Pro Leaks.

iOS 13.1 Beta 2.

iPhone 11 clone unboxing.

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48 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Pro, 2020 iPhone SE 2 & Apple Watch 5 Leaks!”

  1. No iPhone 9 because iPhone 7 iPhone 8 iPhone 9 (7 ate 9) c’mon that was unique just like my comment takes 0.001 seconds fuck it dude just do it cmon now. And if you wasted the 16 seconds reading this far mind as well reply to this comment. And like really really at this point if you are still reading you are clearly somewhat entertained so mind as well subscribe I don’t post videos so won’t mess your recommended up with whack ass videos. But uh yeah appreciate the energy you wasted in reading this comment!

  2. I have the IPhone XR just got it and then The next day I go to YouTube RECOMMENDED: iPhone 11 leaks and release 🤦🏼‍♂️😒 I am just staying with this phone Like nahh I am not getting the 11 Like wtf The only thing that changes Is the camera 🎛 and Of course apple is like Its not just the camera It’s this and that And at the end Of the day it’s same It’s just one more Camera So apple STFU

  3. 2007-2013: Every smartphone manufacturer was inspired by Apple.
    -2019: Apple is now inspired by Android manufacturers.
    A stylus for an iPhone? Steve Jobs wouldn't be so happy to take his words back.
    I guess Apple is not done copying old Android features and claiming it theirs.

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