iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing

iPhone 11 is just around the corner and as usual we’ve got pre-release clones flooding the market. Welcome to my iPhone 11 clone unboxing.

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50 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing”

  1. Its funny that the iPhone colors match with the video, white matches the box's color, gray matches his shirt and the other color matches the table

  2. honestly, the triangular camera placement looks super ugly. Can't believe that a company that usually emphasizes on clean design is satisfied with this result

  3. Hey Lew!
    Please unbox the Samsung Galaxy A80. It is the first ever rotating camera phone and it's a part of Samsungs attempt to get more market share in the mid-range phone market. I'm interested in it and would love you to check it out before I buy it.
    Thank you!

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