iPhone 11 camera isn't Ugly, you're just not used to it

Picture in the thumbnail is from @BenGeskin on twitter

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25 thoughts on “iPhone 11 camera isn't Ugly, you're just not used to it”

  1. At least make the camera designs presentable🤢 Epecially if other manufacturers like to copy apple's trends, the lg and Google copycat versions are gonna look godugly i bet bet.

  2. No, it’s just ugly. I was fine with the 7 Plus camera from day 1, same with the X… this abomination though, I can’t get past it. I’m totally used to it now, yet it’s still ugly.

  3. Apple could literally shit on this guy’s face and he’d still try to justify it. Listen, if it’s ugly it’s ugly! Getting used to it doesn’t make it any less ugly. It’s like a woman in an abusive relationship justifying her partner because she’s already used to him. Oh and by the way, Huawei already beat everybody to aligning the camera unit this way so don’t lie to people talking about, “Apple is setting a trend”.

  4. How is this camera arrangement better than everyone else's. It's a design choice, vertical, horizontal, triangular, nothing is better than the other. Apple will try to justify their choice, and everyone will just accept it

  5. I have a theory why loads of older people buy iPhones… they were around before phones and so when the first phones came out (original Apple) they had no choice. Since then due to a balance of brand loyalty and "we've always done it this way" they buy Apple, telling their friends and fam also to buy Apple, and getting their kids Apple devices.
    Good news, Android. This trend has started to die.

  6. Man Huawei Mate 20 Pro did it better design wise, they achieved an balanced and symmetrical look on the back. However personally I use my phones with cases and humps never bothered me. They get flushed with the case anyway. Most Chinese midrangers will probably mimic this look but for some time now the trend is to either center the cameras in the middle or in the top corner.

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