iPhone 11 Apple event Predictions, iOS 13GM Release date, and What to expect

This years Apple Event showing the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is on September 10th 2019. In this video I talk about what to expect at the iPhone 11 event as far as name of the new iPhones, new accessories, Apple TV, iOS 13, Apple Watch, and much more. I also go over when you can pre-order iPhone 11, when iPhone 11 releases and also when iOS 13 should be available to the public as well as iOS 13.1. #iphone11 #ios13 #apple

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45 thoughts on “iPhone 11 Apple event Predictions, iOS 13GM Release date, and What to expect”

  1. It has been interesting in the past seeing how many rumors were wrong, I’m interested to see what people guessed wrong this time as well, and to see what Apple has come up with that no one guessed was coming 🙂

  2. Hey Man Thank you Show me That New Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max it’s Amazing and New Smartphones In September 2019-2020
    It’s better this Guy are smart Because they Know What Happens To Apple IPhone That They Know I New it

  3. My prediction 1 the iPhone XR will be iPhone 11, and the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, I think we will not see a apple watch series 5, but they will stick with the Series 4 with the two new case option, I think they will probably show the title thing

  4. I'm not sure why anyone would purchase a channel via Apple, when generally, they charge 15% more for the same thing you can buy direct from the provider, and login via your device. The same has been true for Netflix and other subscription content apps. Apple is obviously doing well just as they are, but I think they're very late to the party with this TV thing. And, a titanium iPhone? The back's glass, the front's glass . . . and presumably, most people will use a bumper case at the very least. So, does it matter? Here's an idea for Apple: Make the phone frame and rear out of a hard rubber, and include a fancy glass backed case in whatever colors they want to offer. Then, the naked phone is durable, and the fragile part can be swapped out for a few bucks. Oh wait, Apple wants us to drop our phones. What was I thinking? 😃 I use both Apple and Android devices, and love them both. Really though – sometimes ya gotta wonder.

  5. Since I just got my iPhone XS Max back in March I’m not planning on getting the 11. I’m not excepting anything much better an a better camera and some faster features. But not a real big big jump.

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