iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Scratching too Easily?

The new 2019 iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Phone 11 Pro Max may be scratching too easily. Many are contacting me every day asking if the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models are scratching easily. In this video I show my displays on the newest iPhones and show you some scratches compared to the iPhone XS Max that I used over the past year. #iPhone11 #iphone11pro #apple #scratchgate

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28 thoughts on “iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Scratching too Easily?”

  1. Please do a one month follow up video. I returned mine after one week! Ridiculous amount of micro scratching developing under normal care (more than my iPhone 6s) went to Apple store and saw display phones w high amounts of micro scratching. Annoying and unacceptable for “toughest glass ever”-apple

  2. I had my 11 max pro for a few days and it developed scratches around the bottom edges, possibly adding a case. There was also an obvious scratch on the middle of the display. My finger could feel it. I look after my phone and have no idea how it happened. I was really pissed off as apple
    claim the glass is the strongest ever in a phone! My 10s max never got a scratch until I was upgrading, literally 2 weeks ago. But they were minor! I went to the Apple
    Store to complain. Their advertising is so misleading. They gave me a new phone as they couldn’t replace the glass as the phone is so new. I now have a screen protector on mine. Not cool Apple. Don’t mislead customers!!! Other than that the phone is amazing.

  3. Just noticed 2 scratches on my brand new 11Pro Max. WTH? This iPhone is babied & has never been dropped. never put it in my pocket or never had a contact with any sharp items. my previous phone Samsung s8 plus dropped several times and never even get one scratch ever. this brand new iPhone i bought 18 days ago and i notice the scratches right now.

    i paid $ 1500 and i can't believe my new baby got scratched already.

  4. You would rather pay $179 a year plus another $50 to get screen replaced instead of a $4 screen protector (they come 3 in a pack for like $11) and a $12-$25 case. I’ve dropped my phones with screen protectors on -2 of them actually. Protector broke, screen of phone was fine. Apple care doesn’t make sense for the price just to run a phone naked.?

  5. I returned my iPhone 11 pro-max 24 hours after receiving it on launch day. Two very deep scratches in the upper right side of the display (sideways “v”!shape). Apple exchanged it without question. I’m certain it came that way from the factory.

  6. I just found a scratch in the lower left corner of my 11 Pro Max. I'm not happy with how soon I received a scratch, and I'm considering taking it back for a replacement since I'm still within my return policy. This is a great phone, and I'd hate to need to replace it within less than one week.

  7. This is really bad glass quality. I has my iphone 6s plus for 4 years without any problem in the screen. And I only have my iPhone 11 for 5 dyas and i have A LOT of little screen scratches along all the screen. One of them it's REALLY big, I can insert my finger nail on it. I think that Apple must answer to this and change that… Apple can't announce the "best glass in a smartphone" and I buyed the worst glass in a iPhone…

  8. I used a tempered glass screen protector from the first minute I got my Iphone 11 pro max.

    Yesterday my screen protector got some bubbles and I went to exchange it. When they took it off, they pointed two scratches under it, right in the middle of the screen.

    I really don't know how this happened because the phone had a glass screen protector from the first minute it was taken out of the box.

    It seems these phones scratch in contact with air… this is really not acceptable from a 1200 euro phone… Come on Apple, what the ** is wrong with these screens?

    After I saw what happened i went to a local store to look at the phones on display..Guess what? Iphone 11, 11 pro and 11 pro max, on display, all had their screen scratched..

    Apple should really come up with an explanation on this because it is really not acceptable. i understand scratching the screen by mistake but this is clearly a manufacture fault in all these first batch phones.

  9. My screw. Has a scratch that bothers me and I can see it especially when the screen is bright. I am at this point reduced to paying for the screen replacement because I didn’t go out and immediately put a glass screen protector! This is unacceptable I have had all the models and this is the first time I have ever seen a scratch like this. There is definitely something defective here

  10. I absolutely had the same issue- Had scratches on my iphone 11 pro max right outside the box! This is really unacceptable a Apple is saying its a cosmetic issue and not a manufacturing one!

  11. I have seen scratches around the camera lens surrounds and the square peace of glass that has the lenses after 5 days on 2 iPhones one is 11 pro max the other one is the 11 pro and both have the same issue. In and out of pocket with cases on all the time. Has anyone experienced the same issue?

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