iPhone 10 Years Later: The phone that almost wasn't

Arguably one of most transformative pieces of technology in the modern era, the iPhone’s development was fraught with engineering problems, drama, and extreme stress. Former employees share their stories from inside Apple 10 years ago.

25 thoughts on “iPhone 10 Years Later: The phone that almost wasn't”

  1. Imagine if Steve Jobs was still alive iPhone would be far better and cheaper. Jobs belived on technology that everybody can afford. Not the same phone every year but bigger price.

  2. 12 years later and now “passionate” driven subjects are bashing on the iPhone just because there’s a “fan base”? Say what you will, history is non-negotiable; what took place in Apple in those years shaped the future to come; not only for devices, but communication wise, technology wise, and so many other aspects, it’s not even funny. Like it, don’t like it; that’s fine, but that team, company, and device, changed the world

  3. What selective memory that disregards prior tech and art. Apples pretends that smart phones didn't exist before the iPhone. Yes, they improved smart phone design, especially with its all touch design and eventually its app store. No, they didn't invent smart phones. Check out Windows Mobile phones and Window CE for earlier, if someone less elegant smart phone versions.

  4. I'm the founder of a technology startup called Electron Mechanical Corporation.

    HAREWARE is harder.

    Launching the powerful Electron Mechanical Corporation on YouTube!

    I want to be the next Apple Computer!

  5. Even though I'm an Android user I can see how monumental this product was. I don't think most people remember how basic existing smartphones were before the iPhone. Apple managed to shrink a PC into a mobile device and make it both fully usable and not cost an arm and a leg. That was pretty impressive. If you disagree I would advise looking at some of the products made during and before the iPhone and try to compare them. The difference is night and day. And here's what was really important, this device was for everyone, not just business execs.

  6. Okay..the touchscreen with icons was an original idea…The rest was just a matter of waiting until the technology was available to create the handheld device captain Kirk was holding. There are a few other devices in development from early sci-fi series and take over the world….all I need is some more mega million euro investings.

  7. dumb ass lossing the iphone on the side of his plane seat?! Apple hire dumb fk like that, no wonder i never buy any, i did sold twenty iphone 2 to asia and make hella long time ago though

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