Ipaky case for Xiaomi redmi note 3

34 thoughts on “Ipaky case for Xiaomi redmi note 3”

  1. I tried the same case with my redmi note 3 yesterday, with the rubber part lf the casing, my phone didn't fit well properly and you have to somewhat force the phone in the rubber casing, when the phone is in, some parts of the phone is slightly outside the case, and the ir port and the charger port is not aligned, is it possible the redmi note 3 pro is bigger than the redmi note 3? Im having a hard time looking for a case for this, im from the philippines btw

  2. It's great to know that "In the front" "we have this open part so that we can use the screen screen". It's the best part of the case. I was too worried if I would be able to use my mobile after buying this case 😉 😀

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