iOS 13 – The Best iPhone Battery Saving Tips

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iOS 13 has some great battery saving features already, but in this video I help you get the most out of your battery with genuine tips directly from Apple for iOS 13. If you have battery drain in iOS 13 or just want more battery life overall than this video is for you. Also, if you have an older iPhone SE or the latest iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max,…

23 thoughts on “iOS 13 – The Best iPhone Battery Saving Tips”

  1. My battery shows 82% life and draining in 5 hours. Don’t play games and don’t stay all the time in phone. Done all battery tips and have nothing almost on and here Iam woth 20% after almost 5 hours usage. Never had luck with batteries after switching to iPhones and this my third iPhone. Just feels like long way for iPhone to get proper batteries like androids have

  2. Mi 27W super sonic charger (output 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.25A) will charge iphone xr faster
    Or it will charge at the same rate as 18W.
    Please guide want to buy fast charger for iphone xr.

  3. Question :- I own an iphone 11 pro max and sometimes i notice it getting hot while on charge with apple charger (18w included in the box) so is it normal behaviour for the iphone ??

  4. Low power mode on ios 13 even on a phone like my 8 plus is pretty solid in performance. I can’t imagine what its like to run it with an 11pro. Probably faster than my 8 plus without low power mode.

  5. Ever since I upgraded to iOS 13, my battery capacity dropped from 99% all the way down to 94%! WTH iOS 13? On the other hand, I gained nearly 20GB in Storage Space!!! So crappy battery and high storage capacity. Kind of a weird exchange of resources.

  6. I think I’ve been getting good battery life on my iPhone XS Max i charged my phone this morning and i check battery life almost before watching this video today at 11:45pm and it says that I had 11h and 21minutes of battery life and i haven’t charged sense this morning .is that good or am i getting confused 🤷‍♂️

  7. The only thing I would add to these tips is going into the cellular tab to see which apps are using cellular data in the background. you might be surprised what is using cellular data and what is not.

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