iOS 13.1 is AWESOME on iPhone SE

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iOS 13 .1 beta 1 has been out for approximately one week, today I talk about my experience with the iOS 13.1 developer & Public beta 1 on iPhone SE

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49 thoughts on “iOS 13.1 is AWESOME on iPhone SE”

  1. The oldest iPhones to get iOS 13 are the 6s and 6s Plus. The SE was released in 2016 and re-released 2017 but you keep saying, "This iPhone is so old," "This is the oldest iPhone" and so on. Are you okay?

  2. I don’t care how old my phone is as long as the software is fast and reliable. The only reason apple maks new phones and updates regularly is so they can take money from users. Not throwing shame on apple but it doesn’t really need to keep taking money

  3. Anyone else notice how the labels for apps have been moved down just a few pixels, so they're now closer to the app below them than the app they actually belong to? It's subtle but irritating.

  4. I guess that’s another reason why I stick with iphones is because every iPhone gets treated the same no iphone is left behind when it comes to software I own a iPhone xs max but it’s still cool to see older iphones are not left in the dust and you can’t get that on android

  5. iPhone buyers are often not nerds. They don't care about screen resolution or performance. All they want is a reliable phone that will be supported for 6 Years. Those with large hands will continue to buy the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 8. Those with small hands will continue to seek out a second hand iPhone SE.

  6. Ios 13.1 public beta 1 is quite bad at my iphone SE. I cant pinch in/out picture when wanna to set as wallpaper. Also, there is a bit lag when u swiping the main page that has folder with low power mode is turned on.

  7. I’m using the iOS 13.1 (Public Beta 1) on my iPhone 8 Plus. It’s going great! My phone is a lot faster and the battery performance is also satisfactory. But I have couple of problems.
    •Didn’t get the Emoji and Language separator
    •Google Hangouts crashing while opening
    •Live wallpapers not working.

    Can anyone please give me some suggestions! I am in need. As I use two different languages and also emojis the separator is a must. Is it exclusive to the iPhone Xs, X and Xr models?

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