I'm Not Mad… Just Disappointed | Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review

I’m not mad, just disappointed in the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. There was a time when the Note devices would have EVERYTHING! That’s what you paid for. This device is coming up short, but is STILL my favourite of the year! Here is my FULL review!


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Samsung Galaxy Note10+…

16 thoughts on “I'm Not Mad… Just Disappointed | Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Review”

  1. Great review Zak.
    I still like the Note 10+
    Head Jack, I see it possibly going in the future.
    Everything changes in time.
    Disappointed with the speakers but they may be similar to my Pixel though.
    Great idea about saving battery life too.
    Keep up the great work my friend 🙂

  2. I’m mad and disappointed,Samsung have to understand that the notes are ‘’the Swiss Army knives’’ in the world of smartphones,the notes are the best smartphones ever created,till the note 10+ they cannot take away ‘’tools’’ I use the spen every single day,I have a huge collection of headphones,they have to get rid of that stupid punch hole on the screen soon as possible,the rest is just perfect!!!! The screen is the best,the design is good,ip68 water resistance 👍,gorilla glass 6 back and front 👍,the cameras 👍,I hope they just fix all those mistakes they made with the note 10+ next year,anyway I’m happy to see you BACKZAK.

  3. #ZakPack Great review bro. Love the T shirt. The caveats were great, no headphone jack, not an Apple phone, if these things bother you there’s the door. Thank you for mentioning that you shouldn’t have to do a work around for the false touches, people say it doesn’t happen to them but it does happen to others so it needs to be acknowledged. I hear from so many people “it’s an awesome phone but…”, that new for the Note line to have something missing.

  4. I don't have false touch issues but I also keep a case on my phone and I think that helps so I don't have that issue. I agree about the speakers too. I wish it was towards you instead for both speakers

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