I used the iPhone 8 in 2019 for two weeks.

I did it; I used the iPhone 8 for two weeks as my daily driver. In 2019, this still feels like a flagship device. The camera is great, speed is more than enough, design is beautiful. Should you buy it? Yes. If you can buy the iPhone XR, buy that. If not, you’ll be more than happy.

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48 thoughts on “I used the iPhone 8 in 2019 for two weeks.”

  1. iPhone 8 Plus is amazing. Been using it for a year now. I prefer it over the X and even the Xs Max. Literally the only thing I miss is tap to wake but after a couple months I adjusted.
    I prefer Touch ID and it’s a lot lighter and thinner than the newer X line of iPhones. It can easily handle big multitasking loads while have multiple photo editing apps open. It also has a fantastic battery life. I’m going to keep using it for another year and see how the 2020 iPhones turn out!
    It’s really weird because I use to upgrade every single year but the iPhone 8 Plus is the one phone I feel comfortable holding onto. Nowadays the upgrades are basically just aesthetics and removing features. And while it’s super tempting because of how beautiful and fancy they are, It’s not worth the extremely high upgrade price. Honestly I’d probably be happy with this phone for several more years. I get so much work done on my 8 Plus and all the more recent upgrades just feel like unnecessary layers. And those expensive layers, you get use to them after a few months and you don’t even notice all the fancy new additions. Whatever phone you have, you adjust to and get use to it. The iPhone 8 is the gold standard of everything you need in a phone without any unnecessary fluff. It’s the ‘perfect’ phone in that way. It has everything I need, and only the things I need.
    Anyways sorry for the rambling. Great video Nikias!
    Also I don’t mean any of this as hate on the newer iPhones. I think they’re awesome. I’ve just found the phone that I can be happy with and not feel like I need to upgrade. Which is awesome really, because as Apple has brought up throughout the past two years, the newer iPhone aren’t for everyone. They have a wide range of options for every budget and lifestyle. People complain and make fun of the high prices of new iPhones when the iPhone 8 is basically still a flagship device as Nikias brought up.

  2. those tech youtubers need to stfu. i’m still rocking the 128gb black iphone 8 and it still works. idgaf about the new iphones. tech youtubers think all people have money to upgrade every year smh. they can afford it, because they switch every week from ios to android virsa versa. it’s their jobs. don’t listen to them because they fuck with your brains. just be happy with what you have.

  3. I had an iPhone 7 for around 15 months until it fell out of my pocket and broke. I was going to get the iPhone X because I wanted wireless charging, but the price was $949. When I saw the iPhone 8 and found out it had wireless charging I bought the 8 Plus straight away and I still have it now with no scratches or anything. I try my best to make sure it doesn't suffer the fate as my iPhone 7.

  4. I might sell my xs max to buy a brand new 8 plus again since i hate the scratch magnetic stainless steel it's very shiny and beautiful but its a scratch magnet a case won't protect it.

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