I Found a Google Pixel Phone Underwater, an Invicta Pro Diver Watch & More | River Treasure Hunting

What a great hunt! While river treasure diving, I got a nice Invicta Pro Diver watch, a Google Pixel phone, a gold earring, tons of sunglasses (Ray-Ban, Costa Del Mar, etc), masks galore, a quartz crystal, a ring and a bunch of other cool stuff.

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Would You Forgive by Jorm:
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12 thoughts on “I Found a Google Pixel Phone Underwater, an Invicta Pro Diver Watch & More | River Treasure Hunting”

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  2. That is why Jake's Chanel is 8 million flowers and 30+M views/video because he return things he finds to there owners not keep them to himself " Google Pixel Phone that's sucks to someone " and " cool fined I like watches " i don't know man try to learn something from you friend

  3. Holy CRAP that's a lot of sunglasses! Hmm; I found tombstones in a German creek once– they were no longer being used (graves in lots of Europe get recycled, so to speak) and the farmer who owned the land the creek ran through was using them to shore up a bank. Very weird.

  4. Chris, I really enjoyed the video. Any idea where I can find a nice pair of sunglasses? Haha. That was a great shot of the fish attack and very funny. I like the fact there's not a lot of wasted video in between finds. That will keep your viewers tuned in. Well done and congratulations on some neat finds especially that fine watch. Floridarob.

  5. Excellent video you found quite a bit of stuff it's always great to lay it out on the table to see what you collected. Nice find on the watch I have found a few of those I also hold on to those. I like the way that catfish came out after those sunglasses must have been his. Look forward to the next adventure

  6. Great video man! glad I could be one of the first subscribers. you make great content! Give us a little more personality and im sure you're gonna blow up!:) Happy hunting!!! big fan

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