i Ditched my iPhone XS Max

48 thoughts on “i Ditched my iPhone XS Max”

  1. WTF is it that this channel is only Apple content. What I find hard to believe is this guy able to make so many videos when Apple has limited product. Either that or this idiot does a sponsored/paid spot. He should end his channel and go and work at Apple.

  2. I understand you are comparing apples with apples (iphones with iphones). But out there there are so many much more value fruits I really don't understand how can you say the XR display and camera are good for that price tag. I'm not suggesting they're bad, but that out there almost all top tier android devices cost less and are way better in all the things you talked about. Is it the best iPhone for value? Maybe. Is it the best value phone you can buy? Heck, NO!!

  3. Jonathan says he doesn't need the XS Max's telephoto for portraits, he just gets closer to the subject. If he looks more closely at his photos, he might notice the wide-angle lens results in more distortion.

    "With a normal 50mm lens, for instance, to fill the frame with a portrait subject’s head, the photographer would need to stand very close to the subject. This amplifies the lens distortion, which exaggerates features like noses and eyes and chins, making them look unnaturally large and stretched out. But because longer lenses compress the elements in a scene, features appear smaller and closer together."

    For everyday snapshots, that's probably no big deal. For more "professional" work, it might be totally unacceptable.

    That being said, I agree the XR is probably the best phone out there for most people. It's the one I use.

  4. I have the normal XS, i'd prefer a XR because I wanted a red phone, but I got a good deal on mine. I think the LCD display is what is helping with the increased battery life.

  5. Comparing iphone xr lcd panel with lcd panel of a phone which costs less than half..duh

    compare with lcd panels of more expensive phones like asus zenfone 6z or Honor 10 pro…then you will see the difference 🙄🙄🙄

  6. Thinking whether or not to use a case is like deciding whether or not you should wrap up before a bang. The feeling of going in raw is unparalleled. However when the bad news comes, you always kick yourself.

  7. The iPhone XR is my daily driver and has been for a while. I like it a lot. I thought I was going to go back and get the XS max but I didn’t. It’s done everything I’ve needed and some. Battery life is for sure the best feature. Having to charge every other day is amazing! Rocking the red of course😍

  8. Coming from a 6S plus to a 7 plus to a 8 plus and now an XS Max, having 3D Touch is very useful with messages. My dad got an XR and I just realised how hard I’d find it to adjust because I wouldn’t be able to preview my notifications.

  9. Love my XR. It’s an outstanding phone all around, and considering you get class leading power and battery life at $750, it’s a great buy. I’ve been running iOS 13 since they released public beta 1 and the improvements and enhancements like dark mode, Face ID speed, and Quick Access essentially makes the XR even better. Fantastic device all around.

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