I Almost Returned the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus …until I discovered this!

I almost returned the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus, until I discovered this awesome feature! What is it? It’s the time of flight or ToF camera sensor!

The time of flight (ToF) sensor controls can judge depth and distance to take your photography to new levels. It uses the known speed of light to measure distance, effectively counting the amount of time it takes for a reflected beam of light to return to the camera sensor. This smartphone ToF Camera is used with Live focus video and Quick…

22 thoughts on “I Almost Returned the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus …until I discovered this!”

  1. I need help deciding!!! I’m switching from an IPhone XR and i can’t decide between the Note 9 or the note 10 plus.. my dad has a note 9 and my mom has a note 8. This is going to be my first android phone

  2. #ZAKpak Welcome back Zak! I guess my wife (iPhone SE) and I (OnePlus 6T) are not too discriminating. We love the pictures we get from both phones. However, we don't take videos. Love the Note series, son (Note 9). Might pick the note 9 up as prices drop. For me, the cost of the Note 10+ just seems prohibitive. Great video!

  3. So funny I've been yelling from the mountain tops about the S10 5G which has the TOF sensor, headphone Jack, and bigger battery than the Note10. Yet now people care because youtubers are discovering it lol.

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