Huawei Y9 vs Nokia X7 vs Redmi Note 6 Pro – Comparison Showdown!

Here is my comparison showdown between the Huawei Y9 (2019) vs Nokia X7 (also known as the Nokia 8.1) and the Redmi Note 6 Pro! Its a triple OEM battle right here! Which phone will come out on top! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM, and stay tuned for the Christmas giveaway details coming soon! Thanks for watching! #HuaweiY92019 #NokiaX7 #RedmiNote6Pro

48 thoughts on “Huawei Y9 vs Nokia X7 vs Redmi Note 6 Pro – Comparison Showdown!”

  1. Let me know which phone you think did best, and stay tuned to Instagram for details of the Christmas giveaway video, coming soon! Thanks guys!

    Check Kimovil for details of where to buy these phones, included some links here as well

    Nokia X7 –

    Redmi Note 6 Pro –

    I’ll post a Y9 Link if I find one. Thanks!

  2. Huawei y9 is definitely the best , unfortunately all the cool stuff you mentioned about the Nokia X7 , I see them to be horrible. I guess everyone has a taste in any given commodity. I wish you never numbered their positions, it's the audience's right to decide.

  3. i am not a phone guru like some of you guys but at times the bright display can damage our eyesight that's why some companies are literally making the display adjustable for our sight

  4. My brother owns Y9 2019 and I'm using Nokia 7.1 with SD636. I prefer the Nokia because of the Glass back, aluminium body (6000series), Carl Zeiss sensor, Pro Mode (even in selfie), Dual Camera Live Mode (good for bloggers and YouTubers), HDR10 adaptive HDR10 display which shows vibrant and makes non HDR videos to HDR, and the Android One program which where you can receive 2 years of latest android update. What i hate about Y9 2019 is the plastic back which is easily be scratched even when using case. Dust and other foreign objects could cause scratches that's why i told my brother not to remove the plastic film.

  5. Huawei is supported by and served for government of China. It is used to supervise citizens communication and behaviors in

    China. Also, people living aboard who use Huawei Phone are supervised by Chinese government.
    Even though the system of Huawei phones sold in North America and Europe have been changed, the users privacy is still be invaded. I strongly recommend everybody NOT to use Huawei phone!

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