Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9+ : Camera Comparison Review !

The Huawei P20 Pro camera review vs Galaxy S9+ is here ! Full camera test and review with samples soon. Huawei P20 Pro case: **** Sponsored by Huawei ***
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21 thoughts on “Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9+ : Camera Comparison Review !”

  1. Hey i want any one of them especially s8 or iPhone x coz my parents trashed me they said that I will buy a phone if u got a+ means 10 by 10 in 10th class and I did it but they didn't give me as they took my previous phone which I bought by my money earned from going to work do please give me i want to use a phone dear at least give me a redmi note 5 pro please understand guys

  2. Excellent review. It's just irritating that the phone is not completely complete . No image stabilisation for 4k. You do need that. There's know sdcard availability I need that feature. Nice looking phone though. Great review. Thanks

  3. I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and, frankly, am very disappointed with the sharpness of images taken with its 12-megapixel camera: it is simply not as sharp as the 16-megapixel camera in my old Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The smallest text on information signs in a national park is readable in the photos I took with the Note 4, but is blurry and unreadable in photos I took with the Note 8 from the same distance. The drop from 16 to 12 megapixels has definitely made a difference for the worse. So, now to my question: How sharp are photos taken by the 40-megapixel camera in the Huawei P20 Pro in comparison to photos taken by the 12 megapixel camera in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

  4. A few things. The front capture in 1080p, you just need to turn off the beauty mode.
    I think you also forgot to mention the night mode, the most impressive feauture of this phone 🙂 Otherwise love your review, great job!

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