Huawei Mate 20 Pro Vs. iPhone XS Vs. Samsung Note 9: Camera Shootout

50 thoughts on “Huawei Mate 20 Pro Vs. iPhone XS Vs. Samsung Note 9: Camera Shootout”

  1. You are in love with iPhone and you hate HUAWEI that’s why giving shit rate about HUAWEI and I’m not sure you are Japanese or Chinese but I think you are Japanese shit or Apple payed you money
    HUAWEI better in every angel then iPhone except the moving video part

  2. Huawei sharpness as fake as you use Microsoft words picture format sharpness. Holy crap I'm really impressed with mate 20 pro before realising this shit. Note 9 on the other hand are not in this competition. Shame

  3. iPhone was the worst. Not even close to the note 9 or the mate dude…

    It was more like sometimes the mate was better, sometimes the note.

    Your Photography was strikingly often kinda blurry with the note 9 too.

  4. Mate 20 for photos in the city for the night (the reason is obvious, the better smartphone for lowlight).
    Mate 20 for photos to food, pets and landscape (IA)
    IPhone XS for photos to persons, landscape and travels (accurate colors and the better HDR in a Smartphone).
    IPhone XS for all type of videos (stabilization and accurate colors), also have Rush CC and Lumafusion.
    Any phone is perfect.

  5. You should go and check an optometrist, I am iPhone user but mate, the dullest result I saw in your review was the I phone result. You even kicked out note 9 at the end. well It seems a sponsored review by Apple.

  6. Hi, I'm a complete photography beginner that got an LG v30+ and played with it and have discovered the wonders of manual camera settings and shooting in LOG and using third party camera apps to let my phone record in 100mbit HEVC and so on. Since you are only reviewing the phones camera why not use a software that's better than the default that comes with the phones, and is available on all the phones, I don't wanna sound like a commercial but I've been using filmic pro myself. You could have a pro photographer adjust the camera settings manually on each phone to take each shot and movie and maybe record in something like FLAT or LOG and see which phones camera does a better job when configured correctly manually. Almost every reviewer of the mate 20 pro I've seen has had some complaints about the focusing but its got both laser guidance and PDAF whatever its called methods of focusing and that shouldn't even be an issue if you just manually adjust the focus? Maybe also at the end to help people see how important it is to record in LOG or FLAT profile apply your favourite LUT (one suitable for the scene) and offer links to your favourite LUT's or the ones you used so people can get a pro look at home. With the right software and the right camera settings things look very different I believe. It boggles the mind how people claim that things easily fixed with different software or post processing are negatives for the mate 20 pro. Look at its zoom, detail and low lighting shots its a better camera in those aspects which is whats important. Also everyone knows auto mode for photos is awful and too generalised in every situation why do reviewers not do an "auto mode and manual mode" in their review? it makes all the difference. Many people complain about the Huawei being sharper and too sharp but i'm certain there'd be an easy way to change this or use a different camera app there some free ones out there on the play store i'm almost certain and you keep mentioning that the iphone's colour tones look more natural but when its LOG or RAW photography shouldn't you always adjust colours in post anyway or apply a LUT for the desired colours?

  7. Huawei for night IPhone for daylight Samsung for slow motion and 960 FPS. Each phone is great by its own flaws. I take most on daylight and I have XS max now on order upgrading from 6s. I still have SE plus my 6s shuts off at 30%

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