How we shot a car film using only an iPhone 11 Pro

CNET challenged Carfection to make one of their cinematic masterpieces using only the cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro. Go to their YouTube page to see the final results.

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26 thoughts on “How we shot a car film using only an iPhone 11 Pro”

  1. That was really a hard test. What maybe you didn’t know to solve the problems of previewing, live parameters controls and check of the framing is that with the FilmicPro and FilmicRemote you can control anything by another iOS device or use the IPads not only as a monitor but also as a remote controller via dedicate WiFi connection. You could have also shoot with the slider under the cockpit. I really loved your video!

  2. "I am used to buttons, and this is just a touchscreen" – BlackMagic camera is controlled from a touchscreen. "Low angle, you can't see properly" – two minutes before that you showed a setup with two iPhones, one of which is a monitor as I assume, and another is a control panel. 5:36 – jello, ew. "Deep DOF, not cinematic" – I don't know whos idea that cinematic means shallow DOF. Watch Citizen Kane. Watch Godard. "When you watch on the phone, it is ok, when you watch on a big TV you notice that it lacks detail" – lots of phones hav resolution well above 200dpi, often above 300 dpi, while TV these days is broadcast with 5 Mbit/s, so you cannot see ANY detail. "Lots of very expensive kit… DSLRs… Panasonic GH5.. " — you guys crack me up.

  3. WOW!!! Mind blowing results from a smartphone. Thank you so much for taking on this HUGE challenge!!! Clearly not an everyday professional camera to use but good for quick shots or clips.

  4. I would say that "just the phone" is quite inaccurate considering all the rig… Other than that, just another proof that iPhone is seriously good camera and if you are skilled videographer you can make it sing and make amazing videos with it.

  5. Do it with other phones. No gimbals, no filters no extra editing. P.S why iPhone why not Sony, Samsung or any other phones available in your country. Title is a bit misleading. It should be "How we shot a car film using only a smartphone". By putting iPhone 11 pro this video turn out to be an Apple advertisement. If it is please clarify this with your viewers.

  6. I think 80% of the "WOW" factor is down to the people who use the gear. One day you could probably have an iphone as good as a RED camera, but it's always the brains behind the lens make the difference. I just don't think most of the iphone 11 pro users can even stretch out 50% of what the cameras can do.

  7. To people complaining about outlets saying good things about Apple: Maybe they keep making videos about iPhone because creators don’t trust anything else. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Maybe… just maybe, the iPhone is actually better.

    (Braces for impact)

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