How To Use the iPhone X Camera Tutorial – Tips, Settings & Full Portrait Mode Tutorial

A video tutorial on how to use the iPhone X camera. Full of photo and video tips, tricks and settings to help you take the best pictures. I will also show you how to use portrait mode on the iPhone X both in the camera app and in the photos app.

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28 thoughts on “How To Use the iPhone X Camera Tutorial – Tips, Settings & Full Portrait Mode Tutorial”

  1. Awesome video. i have a question, in minute 1:15 you started to explain how in the photos app we can edit the picture using the portrait modifications but i couldn't find that option in my Iphone x. The portrait option appears only when actually taking the picture. Do you press something after going to photo app and after pressing "edit" ? or is there something i should turn on in the settings section ? thank you !

  2. I made an Instagram account just to flex the iPhone X camera because, its probably the nicest camera I've had on a smartphone yet, not as good as my DSLR but its getting there! If you wanna know the account name its @happyxvalley and yeah I only take shots with the iPhone in State college area, and no Photoshop (except the profile pic).

  3. Hi Dan! I’m new to your channel. I must say you’re NOT BORING! You have me totally focused. I can’t wait to apply all of what I’ve learned because of you. Thanks!!

  4. These were some pretty legit tips for someone new to iPhone 10. Definitely helped us out. Much prefer to use my phone rather than carry around a bunch of camera equipment so always looking for ways to make my pics better. Thank you!

  5. That was a useful video.. I have a problem with my Photos in iphoneX.. I took few of the snaps through portrait mode .. but when I see those pics the next day in my gallery I cannot find the portrait pics yet those have changed to normal photos .. Can u help me out ?

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