How To Turn Off Your iPhone X: Power Off Different…..

I can’t believe I’m doing a video on this but you actually have to turn off your iPhone X different. There are two ways to shut down your iPhone X and I go over both in this video.

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42 thoughts on “How To Turn Off Your iPhone X: Power Off Different…..”

  1. This would be helpful but my touch screen isn't working. Any other methods? To add to the complication, my alarm clock is constantly going off and I can't turn it off. The side buttons will only snooze it. I gotta get this to turn off! Help!

  2. Interesting method of powering on and off the phone? Whoever thought of this should be fired as it sucks. Give me back one button or switch.

  3. Ha ha ha ha Ha! This video actually helped me out a lot. I couldn’t figure out how to power down my new iPhone XS. Keep up the good work. And thank you.

  4. Best iPhone I ever used I switch over from android, I absolutely love it. It’s so easy to use and moves so smoothly.The screen is amazing. The phone looks amazing and still feels sturdy even though it is made of glass!>>> I will be keeping this phone. I love it!

  5. I can't believe I had to search for a tutorial on how to power off my phone and see that the physical option with the 2 buttons explained in here is not working. Thanks Apple.

  6. U can’t believe it, I’m searching how to turn on the dame light. I don’t even know how it came on… ghost I think.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Next Q. How do I take a picture of a screen picture . . Dame 10 r doesn’t have a bottom bottom. Good lord

    there are a total of 4 ways to power off:

    the first and second method are shown in the video

    3. enable assistive touch and theres a menu for shutting down/restart

    4. press the volume UP button once then press the volume DOWN button once then immediately hold side power button. the same “slide to power off” menu will show up and u can power down with ease.

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