How to Set Video as Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone!

How to Set Video as Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone | Full Video Live Photo as Lockscreen Wallpaper (No Jailbreak, No Computer)

If you’ve ever wanted an animated lock screen wallpaper, here’s how you do it! This tutorial will show you how to convert a video to a live photo and use that as your iPhone’s lockscreen background wallpaper!

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49 thoughts on “How to Set Video as Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone!”

  1. it does work for iOS 13 i know this because I've just installed it on my iPhone and ios 13 public beta 3 but it's much better on a android phone because you can set it as a live wallpaper meaning you can have it playing live wallpaper not just where you click on it its called video wallpaper live for Android cx

  2. If u want advanced software get android
    If u want a secure software ios is the best choice in phones
    (Jailbreaking ios is nowhere near as advanced as rooting android)😁😌

  3. Why can’t it move on its own.. not by 3d touching it.. it defeats the purpose of using live wallpaper when you just have to touch it for it to work 🙄😒

  4. That’s something we used as a trend like almost two years ago dude , I thought your were showing a way to make the video play on the lockscreen by itself without pressing hard on the screen, but thanks anyway

  5. Hello guys, the app wasn’t working well in my iphone 7 but i found an alternate app called 👉intoLive 👈. You can use this app without any interruption for free ✌️.

    Please like this comment if you find this solution helpful 👍

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