How to Perform a Software Update on a Samsung Smart Television

You should regularly check whether your Samsung Smart television has an update available for it or not. Updates often contain important fixes and new features. Checking whether an update is available is a fairly simple task. First you need to make sure that your television is connected to the Internet. If it’s not connected, you will not be able to check and update the current software. If it is simply follow the steps in this video and you will have your television updated with the latest…

20 thoughts on “How to Perform a Software Update on a Samsung Smart Television”

  1. Reading comments, what worked for me is on the Samsung TV remote, choosing the
    button marked menu (it is blue on this 2011 model). Then entered and followed video as described, choosing Support > Software Update> "By Online" (which is not mentioned in video).

    Is it that I have a 2011 model that received message that 'no updates are available' right now; or do I remember some choice made for automatic updates at some point (is that possible). Are updates not available after a while, as with a computer, when the operating system is 'too old' to accept the new updates?

  2. Wanted to watch Netflix and it said that I had to update the tv's firmware. I did everything you just did and was told it got no update at this time. I even got it on auto update. Decided to check if Netflix would work through google but when I clicked on a movie to watch something similar popped up on the screen. So I guess I would just have to wait until there is an update 😔

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