How to Install Glass Curve Elite for Samsung Note8 – InvisibleShield

This video shows you how to install InvisibleShield’s Glass Curve Elite screen protector for Note8.

You can handle any curve that comes your way. Now, so can your phone with Glass Curve Elite. Its full screen adhesive preserves touch sensitivity and ensures that your screen responds to every tap and swipe. An additional shock absorbent layer makes this our strongest curved glass protection ever.

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13 thoughts on “How to Install Glass Curve Elite for Samsung Note8 – InvisibleShield”

  1. I installed these glass screen protectors for years at work…. the elite is trash. I had a bubble, lifted the corner and it shattered completely on that corner… I had the glass stuck on my fingers and all over my clothes with a baby next to me. I couldn't remove it completely without duck tape to keep it from shattering every where and hurting my fingers. wtf. I got a free replacement but this one is supposed to be the old one … can't touch the freaking screen… I had a monthly quota in accessories of $8,000.00 a month. at least I sold a freaking glass to each person that walked in my store……. 😱 new software update and still no sensitivity adjustment…I really really want my money back full price 💵 💵 💵

  2. Just tried to install the Elite for the Note 9 and the protector cracked real easy when the squeegee got close to the edge. I'm surprised just how east this thing cracked. Replacement cost me $9.99 for super slow UPS mail innovations shipping. For $9.99 they could at least send it Priority Mail. Afraid to even try the replacement. 🙁

  3. Like others have said here: It's a waste of a product. Air bubble on one side never goes away. Even following the video, to the letter is pointless. I got a replacement only to have the same unavoidable air bubble up an entire side of the phone. Return for refund, if you can. Shame on Zagg for this.

  4. They should make one without the black lines because the protector doesn't cover the entire screen which leaves a black line down the sides of my screen. The lines aren't necessary with full screen adhesive.

  5. First thing I had was long bubble along the both edges that even when pushed out comes back completely. Second I had really had stubborn bubbles near center could not remove them to save my life. Third by the time I could get it right dust had goitten on adhesive side and its now ruined and Like most of these (cough) glass protectors the feel like plastic just too much of a pain to install takes multiple tries and 45 min of time if your lucky.

  6. I have to note 8s and had trouble with installing these on both. First one has a long bubble along the left edge that even when pushed out completely comes back. Second had really stubborn bubbles and when using the hard side of squeegee as I instructed to I cracked the elite screen protector. I'm waiting on a replacement and hoping it goes better as I have been using zagg for years and never had an installation problem with any of them

  7. 0:270:45 Changing the "hard press home button does NOT increase screen sensitivity. All it does is change how hard you have to press the home button at the bottom to "activate" it. Stronger means that you have to press harder. Lighter means that you dont have to press as hard to "activate" the home button.

  8. Would be nice if I could get mine. I've been waiting almost 4 weeks for a warranty replacement. Because the original glass protector I bought only glued to edges. So I was excited to hear the new elite glued the whole screen so it won't just fall off or lose any touch sensitivity. But doesn't look like I'll ever get one

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