How To Get One UI On The Note 8

Samsung’s One UI is available for the 9 series of phones…and NOW you can install it for the Note 8 as well. I haven’t tried this with any of the other phones from the 8 series, but I know that the Qualcomm Verizon Note 8 will work using this method I found on XDA developers. The link to the same article (with links to the downloads) is right here:

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32 thoughts on “How To Get One UI On The Note 8”

  1. I followed this tutorial a while back, and just wondering, is it possible to still receive normal software updates after doing this? Like monthly security patches? I myself have not received the March 1st security patch from Verizon.

  2. So if I put the beta on my Note 8 and the official software update comes out. How do I get the official update on my phone? Do I go settings and do a system update or do I have to download it from a different source? Really want to try the beta

  3. I finally went ahead and installed it on my Note 8. I really like it; it's awesome! I was wondering though, will it update with each beta that is released or do I have to do that manually? Also when my carrier T-Mobile releases the final version will it update to that final version automatically or will I have to do those steps all over again? Thanks!!

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