How to get a FREE iPhone X – Free iPhone Xr/Xs (2019)

Free iPhone X- How to get a FREE iPhone X with AppleCare+

Follow these steps to get a Free iPhone X:
1. Like this video
2. Subscribe to this channel
3. Go to the website mentioned in the video
4. Follow all the steps
5. Enjoy your brand new Free iPhone X or Free iPhone Xr/Xs

The long awaited Apple iPhone X with awesome features that beats all other phones in its category will and you can be the first to get a Free iPhone X by submitting your beta tester application today.


20 thoughts on “How to get a FREE iPhone X – Free iPhone Xr/Xs (2019)”

  1. If you have tried it once and cannot figure it out: like this video, subscribe to my channel, & comment down below that you need help getting the Free iPhone Xr. I will be checking that you have done all the steps before I do it for you!

  2. Every real person here just know that this in fact doesn’t work. The people who comment that it works will not reply to you asking for help because either they’re bots or people paid to put good comments up. And don’t subscribe to this guy thinking he’ll “help you out”, he never replies to anyone except the bots so don’t waste your time.

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