how to fix iPhone X/ Xs/ Xs Max water damage 2018

iPhone X water damage fix and it works ….


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  1. I stayed less than 30 minutes with my XS Max in the pool, without diving it, just splattered it. After I got home started to restart every 5 minutes. I turned it off and dried it with the dryer, made the phone very hot. After it cooled it even got a while without restart but soon returned again. So I went to sleep and left it off and charging all night. The next day I turned on the phone and didn't restarted anymore. But I'm still thinking of leaving every night on rice, so if there is still anything left. Finally, it is pure lie that he is more potent waterproof.

  2. My iPhone XS Max just had a swim in my basin. Well I used the old weird method just put it vertically on a towel so that the water can seep out through the speakers and after five minutes I used my hairdryer to dry it for a few seconds and itโ€™s working perfectly.

  3. If iPhone has green flickering screen, try to charge iPhone and cover it with pillow. This create heat and will evaporate water. If u can turn on screen but with green flickering screen, play a 4K YouTube in repeat mode for 1 hr and place phone on a pillow. This will heat up phone causing water to evaporate. It should take no more than 30 mins. Place phone upright to drain water. My phone is working now.

  4. filmed a video with my iPhone X, and it was all good until I was going home and it suddenly shut down. the first thing I did was to go to the apple store to try to fix it, but they wanted to charge me 800$, so I'm here putting it in rice and just praying for it to work.

  5. Good news, yesterday I decided to use my Ipx to take another selfie with my friends in the pool and during in the water, it really worked but after maybe 30 mins my iPhone X started to turn off by itself and any blinks appear on the screen. I started to feel not comfortable with my IPhone X and I tried many ways to solve and found out on this video said that we need to put it in the rice or silicon for hours, but after it didnโ€™t work again. And the best choice I decided to go to the phone store and gave my phone to check inside, no water in it, then everything was fine with my phone and I just only paid for the fix 3$. Lol๐Ÿ˜‚ donโ€™t wait 3 weeks in the rice ๐Ÿš or 48hours, we cannot feel well without the phone in hand ๐Ÿ– ๐Ÿ˜‚.

  6. Hello! Yesterday i went to swim and i was taking underwater videos and photos. It was working fine and the video quality was also good enough, but then it showed that there is a problem with my face id and gradually with time my cell screen started degrading and it went blank. When i charge my cell it works and even when i tried calling in my number it works, just that my screen does not appear. Should i try the silica gel method or directly go to the apple store? Please Help!!!

  7. okay so i went to the pool yesterday and took pictures under water and i just noticed that my camera was foggy and the back camera as well and my face id wonโ€™t work

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