How to Fix Boot Loop || Stuck on Samsung logo S8 plus Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus review

24 thoughts on “How to Fix Boot Loop || Stuck on Samsung logo S8 plus Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus review”

  1. HELP!! My galaxy s8+ is stuck on samsung logo screen… I've followed each step you say on here, but what I don't understand is where does the "G955FXX…ETC" come from? Please help and explain how to get that zip file that was already on your computer.

  2. This happened to my S9+ but i re started it and all was fine but this should not have happened I paid a lot for this phone hopefully android P can fix this or i might have to look for different mobile company phones

  3. hi, i see ur video and its interesting and helpful. i also have Samsung galaxy s8+ . and i also have same kind off problem . i buy this phone from outside of country , so customer care does not want to fix for me. so i need help from u. i find 2 problem in it . first is, it will showing ims service has been stopped and then next is it will switch off and then turn on continuously automatically. when i plugin with charger its work normally .but without charging it will turn on and off . i already did hard reset with my phone but problem is still same . so if u have any solution please let me know or if u make any video on it step by step , it will helpful for me and other .waiting for ur response

  4. I have S8. some day I suffer from green screen problem. when I used my phone with 100% brightness its work fresh but when I used it with 1%-95% it's became green.Earlier tonight I can't see anything in display because it's fully green. if I used your rules can I tackle it? please reply as soon as possible

  5. mera pass c9 pro ha use karta karta restart hu jata ha samsung logo ata ha phr restart hu jata ha tub tak on nahe hta jub tak battery end na hu jaye phr charging pa lagao phr on hta ha 1 din bad ase karta ha how to fix

  6. hi, tell me plz, does that solution delete all the personal data on the phone?, such photos/videos/app/… ?
    my s8 fall down and now it's stuck on boot loop and i want to get back my data, thankkk

  7. It worked so well. I was so down about my S7 edge phone being stuck at Samsung logo and this works perfectly. Just that for S7 edge, instead of pressing and holding the volume down and power button to get to download mode, I had to press the home button as well. Thank you so much for you generous help! I'll for sure share it! You've gained a subscriber! 😊👍

  8. Hello i was listening to music and my phone suddenly went off, it doesn't want to turn on and it's not even charging, i tried to boot or soft reset but it's still not working ! i really need help…

  9. My note 8 was brand new as well. When Samsung sends out an update my carrier (AT&T) modifies it with bad patches which screws it up. Bricked my phone twice in less than a year. The second time I had to mail mine in and receive a new one, no one is being held accountable for their stupidity. I tried everything. Phone couldn't even boot into recovery or safe mode. Tried flashing firmware several times with Odin 3. Nothing worked. Can't even turn the phone off! Their latest update bricked my phone.
    Has to be the phone. Another friend with a note had the same update and their phone was fine. When I call Samsung and AT&T they like to play the blame game with each other.

  10. Or, you can hold the Volume Down button and Bixby, and choose cancel (restart phone) and Done. Starts up normally. then Run a memory check and Device maintenance.

  11. hello i need help her thanks i followed your steps but my s8 plus got stuck in odin when i putted ap file and pressed start it just moved little bit and now it have been stuck for like 10min and not moved up what should i do thanks

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