How long will iPhone X Last?

How long will iPhone X Last? Hello all, in this video we will discuss how long the iPhone X will last. These are my predictions based on being a longtime iOS user and iPhone user. Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

iPhone X:


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  1. How long will the iPhone X actually last? In this video I share with you my predictions just as I have done on the other iPhones in the lineup! Be sure to share your thought and take on this phone below and enjoy the video 🙂

  2. I have an iPhone X 2017 model & the phone is brand new, and I bought it there hasn't been any problems with the phone itself. But only thing is my iPhone would last longer depending on the condition especially on how you take care of the phone itself, me personally I don't care about the specifications about the phone if it will last 5 years or more I only care about the condition & won't even upgrading to IOS 12 or IOS 13 cause it's a major screw up. But one thing for sure is IOS 11 is the fantastic leaving it where it is.

  3. I literally have the money to buy the iPhone X but im scarred because of the little battery. Im a very heavy user and It Will be my first ever iphone. I feel like buying the iPhone 8 plus. Help guys

  4. Really bad all camera features and display screen iphoneX in all features and design because of Notch .We need and wish Triple or quadruple camera lens for new mobile soon and really need finger print back soon and Super AMOLED 4K UHD 120Hz display screen for next iphone

  5. When it comes to the design, The one and only thing I hope they do change or tweak is that dame "notch" if they could make the notch go from the left all the way across to the right and get rid of the ears that be great as it make a way more clean design….And get it out the way of the actual display so you can look at your content/games without the notch feeling like it's kinda in the way…..And they'll need to improve the battery as I've heard a lot it's just not that impressive….. Glad I've got an iPhone 8Plus while Apple perfect this new design….

  6. Obviously not long since they are cancelling it! LMAO. This phone was made to fail given it’s a beat version, over priced, design esthetic and software this year…. it’s a complete JOKE! nobody is buying it

  7. This is the equivalent of the first gen iPad and you could easily tell when it was announced idk why anyone’s surprised. The iPhone X2 or whatever it’s called will be a lot cheaper and re introduce Touch ID in the display along with improved Face ID. Look at the new Vivo phone for an example.

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