History of the Samsung Galaxy Note

Starting with the introduction of the first Galaxy Note in 2011, Samsung has become one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world. They’ve developed dozens of premium smartphones including the Galaxy S and Galaxy Fold, although this video will focus only on the Note series. You’ll see a chronological progression of each Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone and gain a better understanding of how the product line ended up where it’s at today.

42 thoughts on “History of the Samsung Galaxy Note”

  1. If there's a Note to go back to and use today what would it be? Personally I think it's the Note 4 it just has lots of features current devices are missing. Removable battery, IR blaster, removable back for customization, headphone jack, just to name a few. Though as much as I'd like to go back I'm fine with my S10e.

  2. Note 8 , note9 and note 10 relased and they are better than note 7 note 7 exbolde before it stoped working note7 said why did i exbolde iam know can't even get to fight them note:7 died note4, note3 and note3 neo , note2 and note1 , note5 dig a grave to note 7 exploder 2016 – 2016 short but bomb and sweet life note 8 , note9 , note10 came to pray thire respects to note7

    Note8: bye exploder

    Note9 : bye our dynimate protector

    Note10: my 4000 mah battery can't explode but bye my battery friend

    Note6: if i was released i would saved note 7 😭😭😢😢 note 6 cryes bye my bigger brother

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