Hands-on: HyperCube backup solution for iPhone

HyperCube is available now at a special $29 preorder price (40% off): on Kickstarter and will later be available for $49.99 at retail.

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30 thoughts on “Hands-on: HyperCube backup solution for iPhone”

  1. So….. it's a weird looking flash drive with a micro-sd card slot in it.
    This is just an ad for another kickstarter where someone got suckers to fund a generic product. Great…

  2. Can this HyperCube also backup the location data of the photo you took and the day of time info if you export or restore backup from the HyperCube to another Apple Devices? Will the photo still show the location and the day you took?

  3. This seems to have a very small target group. For me, i connect my iphone to my pc once or twice per year and manually download all photos and videos. The rest is done via icloud.

  4. Thank you so much for that review. Full disclosure I discovered &have backed this item on Kickstarter & eagerly awaiting the delivery of the device. Although it's relative in context your review has served to solidify my decision to back its funding. I'm primarily an Android user but do you know that when it Comes to use of the micro SD card is there such a thing as 'cross -platform ' interoperability between ios /android?… Considering getting another at the still pre -launch discount. Again Thank you Jeff, Hyper & 9to 5 Mac.

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