Google Watch – The FUTURE of Smartwatches?

Google Pixel Watch – Everything We Know!
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32 thoughts on “Google Watch – The FUTURE of Smartwatches?”

  1. i have the new galaxy watch and i love it i am an older guy so like like the feel and look of a real watch that is why i never got into the apple watch it looks and feels like more of a toy than anything else

  2. I bought a fossil hybrid and I don't use it at all cause the software sucks. I love your concept design but there is NO WAY the bezels will be that small. Maybe in our dreams.

  3. In all reality the only thing Apple has to do to kill any Android watch is to open the Apple Watch up to Android users via a phone app. I've used the Apple Watch series 4, changed from iPhone to Android recently (haven't regretted it for a second) and couldn't use the Apple Watch with the Android phone… so I went out and bought a new watch that I could use with the Android phone. While it's fine and gives me all the things I need, it's not an Apple Watch. If Apple do an iTunes on PC style move, well, that'll end Android Wear in my opinion.

  4. I have heard so many people promoting squarespace in the past, for so many years, but this is the first time I have ever thought, "Wow, they really do sound good. I might check them out." I've just worked out why. It is the frank honesty there. Something that is quite rare in advertising. You could bottle this technique, and sell it to Zig Zigler.

  5. Wouldn't a magnetic clamp make the watch more vulnerable to falling off? If it's going to have a water resistance rating I think it should stay on more tightly, water is dense… And if it's advertised for sport I think it wouldn't work because of a magnetic clamp… Sorry if I was rambling and if it didn't make sense… And yes I know it's just a concept… Sorry for wasting your time

  6. yes round watch would be better looking, but the square one is more practical especially for reading messages etc. Besides the square design makes apple watch a little different from the majority of watches out there

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