Google Pixel XL Charging Port board Repair Guide

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11 thoughts on “Google Pixel XL Charging Port board Repair Guide”

  1. Well, I definitely got the heat up to temp, i couldn't touch the phone with bare hands it was so hot. and kapow, just like some other viewers, crack went the screen. if ever there was a good reason for an upgrade, this failure was it.

  2. Hi. There is a Pixel XL, does not charge more than 1A on charging. When the charger is connected to 1A, it does not charge, although it shows charging. When the 2A charger is connected, it shows a fast charging icon. In fact, it takes a current of 0.97A at 5V (Checked by the tester). That is, it is not fast. Only the inscription. But, it only charges up to 80%. As I understand it, the quick disconnect switch is triggered (or what is it called there?) And after 80% the device switches to a normal charge (in my case it simply stops charging). In the off state, the smartphone does not charge. OTG connection does not recognize. There is a suspicion that the problem is on the bottom board, since it is most often located on the charge controller. In the Pixel, is there no difference? What is the probability that when replacing the lower board with a Type-C connector, the problem ends?

  3. Thank you thank you thank you so much. Finally something works out in my life just like the video. I've subscribed. Not sure what else you produce but thanks you for this video.

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