Google Pixel Slate Review – An Artist Perspective

Google Pixel Slate (affiliate link)

This is the Google Pixel Slate. I… Was not impressed. It’s a Chrome OS tablet and even though it can run Android apps the Pixel book pen is just not good and Android apps just don’t work as well on Chrome OS.

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24 thoughts on “Google Pixel Slate Review – An Artist Perspective”

  1. Mind to reconsider your review and update it? I still love this thing and I'd like to get one, forget the PixelBook 2, it's going to cost an arm and a leg and from the rumors it may not even be touchscreen, a used slate it's better for me right now. From what I read around, it seems the laggy and clunckyness it's been fixed. Don't know about the drawing capabilities, would you mind updating your opinion?

  2. Thanks Brad. IMHO, the pen is poop, as are most Active Pens…sigh. IMHO the Acer Chromebook Spin 13 or Samsung Chromebook Pro are better for art thanks to their built-in Wacom EMR pens.

  3. 8:03 – "… and if feels like the future is in ARM chips, not the x86 architecture…"

    Well, in a way, you're right, but in another you're wrong. The future definitely isn't in x86, because it's a deprecated standard, only supported through legacy. Outside of those Intel Celeron powered Pixel Slates, I would have to actively look really hard to find a device that's sold new today that uses x86 still (well, you can probably find some in the very bottom tier bargain bin devices). In terms of mobile solutions ARM is the future, but just for raw computing power it doesn't come close to x64 at its strongest.

  4. I've been using the Samsung galaxy tab pro 12.2 inch tablet since it came out. Prefer the Autodesk sketchbook app, but it's finally crapping out on me and all I want is a new lightweight 12 inch tablet for simple drawing. Don't like the 2 in ones like the surface pro or the new Samsung galaxy book. Do they even make just android tablets anymore?

  5. I do have some questions, I'm totally new to the digital art side and I noticed in your review you weren't wearing one of those gloves that helps eliminate accidental screen input like you are with the Galaxy S4. Could that improve ones experience?

  6. Good review thanks. I think Google realised Android wasn't going to compete with Apple so they decided to compete with Microsoft. The Surface Pro wasn't any good until the Surface Pro 3. I expect the same will happen here.

  7. I've very very recently bought a Samsung Chromebook plus (not arrived yet) I spesifically wanted the arm processer for a better integration with android apps for drawing while at the same time I needed chrome os for a smooth juggle for uni work. It'll be great for you to do a review on the samsung chromebook plus from the artist perspective so I get a heads up into what I'm getting myself into but I've checked out your galaxy tablet video and hoping it'll be about the same.

  8. I usually like your reviews. But it feels like you didn't really dive into the apps, and don't know what you are talking about. Almost all of the android apps have stroke smoothing. I get roughly the same jitter on my iPad Pro as a I do on both my Pixelbook and Slate. In many cases I feel it's more the glass being slightly dirty (you will quickly see skipping with a dirty screen. the slate is not forgiving), and a wobbly tip on a glass surface. I do agree that the slate lacks the same level of digitizer accuracy that is in iPad and Surface devices.

    That said I can adjust smoothing in every app that I use, and most apps have many levels of control over the way the smoothing occurs. Artflow for example has 3 different types of smoothing (smooth, lazy and spline) with strength settings. Painter has lazy and spline tools for stroke smoothing. Sketchbook can be a bit odd with it's "prediction", but it is tweak-able so that the jitter you see goes away. Concept app is wonderful, and probably the best of the bunch. I believe it does magic behind the scenes. Is it perfect? No. I 100% agree that the Slate lacks in pressure stability on the low-end of the pressure curve.

    If someone comes across this review. You CAN do art on the Slate, and the Pixelbook. It isn't as good, but it isn't horrible. I'd say this can be a primary device for writing, coding, browsing, entertainment and then art as a subset. Other tools exist, but it can be done. Once Linux comes out of beta with GPU acceleration you'll have apps like MyPaint, Krita, etc with even more control.

  9. I'm currently trying a pixelbook and was a bit disappointed with the Pixelbook pen. The device itself was amazing and fast, but for art I still gotta give it to the Apple pencil and ipad

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