Google Pixel Buds: Steps in the Wrong Direction!!!

Google Pixel Buds are here. How good are they, how well do the compare to the competition? Lets find out in our review.

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12 thoughts on “Google Pixel Buds: Steps in the Wrong Direction!!!”

  1. these are earphones not earbuds!! even tho label as buds, ("buds actually cancel the surrounding noise" ) … and purposely design to hear the surrounding and assistant, so you wont be another moron walking with a headphone walking into shit aren't aware of the surrounding…. getting run over and shit! .. the sound is actually loud and clear.. the only shit that is annoying is the cable… and the price.

  2. Rather biased review to be fair. Because you don't have a seal and they're not for you doesn't mean they're bad lol. I for one prefer headphones without a seal making them better for me.

    You've got to look at them from the product POV and not your own, for an unbiased review.

  3. For every good review of the Pixel buds I find a bad one or vise versa. One review will say the sound quality is great and connectivity is super easy then another says its bad and hard to connect. Who do you believe lol.

  4. Apple pulled Airpods in their first try and they are real true wireless earphones. In the tech world Apple is in a whole another level, google is with all the other typical tech companies in a much inferior level.

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