Google Pixel Buds – Everything You Need To Know

Every Google Pixel Buds’ true wireless special features in one video. It launches in 2020 at $179 US.

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14 thoughts on “Google Pixel Buds – Everything You Need To Know”

  1. Aaron, I have to say this. This was by far, the shortest and longest keynote I have ever watched. Even though it was fr basically an hour, it felt like 12, it was so boring, nothing exciting, the presentation was all over the place, no continuity. In terms of the pixel buds, the only reason to get this, is if you have a pixel phone. They are more expensive than the airpods(which everyone is trying to compete with), wont come out till next year(which by then, I'm sure there will be better earbuds available). The only exciting feature I found, was the active sound feature. Overall though, not excited at all.

  2. Read somewhere that they were Waterproof rating: IPX4.
    Don't see it listed though. I'm with you on the vent, I like mine cause they isolate about 75% passive noise.

  3. Nice review Aaron. They sound very interesting. Lots of innovation coming on to the market now, its getting very crowded. Personally, I'm most interested in comfort and sound quality, but its' good to see new ideas and implementation. Thing is…do we wait or buy…what's going to come out next!?

  4. Aaron — By the way Beats/Apple just announced over ear headphones called Solo Pro with active noise cancellation. Price is $299. Same H1 chip as AirPods with "Hey Siri" and quick joining with devices.

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