Google Pixel 4 XL VS……Blind Camera test! #TeamPixel

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31 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 XL VS……Blind Camera test! #TeamPixel”

  1. The only reason I figure they didn't add ultra wide is maybe they decided to go on the data they have from hundreds of millions of Android users and went with what everyday people actually use their phones for the most, not just what a small techy minority say they use it for but really just end up using that feature a few times, Google has so much data to go off of so while I would love to have all 3 lenses I still trust Google on this, it's like having someone watching you all day everyday in almost every way without you knowing then trying to tell them what you think you want, that don't work for them, they go off data and if data tells them half a billion photos were uploaded to their cloud yesterday but only 0.1% were "fun" ultra wide pics, they're gonna make a decision based on that

  2. I went back and forth between the two. Some of the photos A was better and other’s B was better. From all of the reviews, that I’ve watched and read, I’ve noticed that the edge sensing isn’t always consistent, with the Pixel. When it gets it, it does really well, but, when it doesn’t, the edge, where it cuts off, is harsh and not as subtle as other phones, when they don’t get the edges perfectly. I’m going to say that the other one is the G8.

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