Google Pixel 4 XL Unboxing and Overview – The Best Pixel yet!

The Pixel 4 XL is turning out to be an amazing Android Phone and in this video, I do a quick early unboxing and Spec overview plus I test out some Android gaming with Call Of Duty Mobile!
Keep an eye on the channel because I will have a full review video coming up soon with more gaming and emulation tests on the new Google Pixel 4 XL!

Powered but the 8 Core SnapDragon 855 7nm 6Gb of LPDDR4x Ram and a 6.3″ QHD+ flexible OLED screen this is looking like the best pixel ever!

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29 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 XL Unboxing and Overview – The Best Pixel yet!”

  1. It feels cheap. Best Buy has them on display. The premium price doesn’t justify the hardware. The radar gestures is gimmicky. Photos are nice. The speakers have a different placement. The brow /notch on top is pretty ugly too.

  2. Really, the Pixel 4 has nothing for me to upgrade my current phone, in fact it is a downgrade when compared to other top phones, no audio jack, camera's lack power and features compared to others, 4K at 30 ? my current phone does that, no memory sim ! and an unproven OLED screen – burn in so don't have it on to long. Like I said "Nothing".

  3. I feel like they added what I would equate to as "bloat-ware" but in the form of hardware. Which hurts me to say since I've been with the google phone system since the Nexus 5 back 6 years ago.

  4. Hey ETA even though you're a gamer the 855 is only a multi-core bump so it's not a big deal the chip itself at its core is still good enough but this phone is complete trash because it's got six gigs of RAM yippee it's competing against the iPhone that barely gives you any specs until this year probably and the battery is a joke 90 Hertz is going to eat the battery so you need to turn that off even though it has an automatic the gestures are great but they're not make it or break it and it didn't have an ultra wide-angle lens I don't care if we use it or not it's better to have the option I'm glad they got rid of the notch or just hit it that's fine but other than that for the price is complete trash against the other phones that are out there including the read me magic S3 that you showed at the very least then there's the OnePlus 7 Pro not the protein or anyting and then there's the Note 10 and so on the S10 and so on

  5. I keep seeing reviews on this phone everywhere and nothing says to me its a good phone, Theres better competition with a lower price, I recently upgraded my contracts to the Xperia 5 and Xperia 1, because they are the most different phones out at the moment and i would like to think im supporting 21:9 to become the norm, My daily phone is a huawei Mate 20 X (non 5g) and thats only cause it has a 7.2 screen and 5000Mah battery, Also performance has been solid.

  6. i have a pixel 2, my daily driver. it works. been pleased with it so far. i don't care about phones anymore like i did in my young geek days. i'm not appletarded and the samsung flagships got all pricey and went full appletarded like most of the most major brands. i'm still miffed about not being able to change the battery, have a headphone jack, have a sd card slot like many of the modern versions. but for a phone to make calls and check email, the pixel is solid

  7. nothing special, where is miniJack? If this wants to be gaming phone I need to be able to connect my HyperX Cloud II headset, battery could be better, and no fingerprint scanner, I'm not a fan of face recognition…
    Oh and let's not forget about SD slot, I would want to insert my flac collection :/

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