Google Pixel 4: What to expect

Google has taken a novel approach with the Pixel 4 by sharing some information ahead of time. But, we don’t know everything about its next flagship. And there’s a big launch event coming up soon. On October 15th in New York City, the company will officially announce the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, as well as a host of other Made by Google devices. So let’s take a quick look at what we know, what we think we know and what we know we don’t know.

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31 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4: What to expect”

  1. I'm disappointed that I purchased the Pixel 3 on release to get the benefit of Google Assistant features that still haven't been enabled in Australia and now the Pixel 4 is coming out!

  2. So last year everything was leaked about pixel 3 so now it's assumed that Google must not have much left up their sleeve. Maybe their marketing team are stupid or maybe they have concentrated their efforts on hiding only 1 or 2 specific features. Leaks are important when the competition have already released their products. Many people who were holding out for a pixel watch have probably long given up that dream and just bought a Galaxy or something so if they had somehow kept a Google watch under wraps for all this time that would be pretty impressive… but also stupid given how many of the potential buyers have already committed to another device.

  3. Pixel 2 owner here. Was desperately waiting for Pixel 4. Hoping it would be much better than others and all the recent confirmed specs are so disappointing that I finally bought the Samsung Galaxy S10,

  4. I'm somewhat sad that we already know so much about the Pixel 4, I really wanted to love it and upgraded to it from my Pixel 2 XL, but I think I'll have to skip it again, I just can't see it competing well enough with others and the lack of finger print reader and front facing stereo speakers? no, sorry…

  5. I really wanted the base model pixal4. Until I saw what the battery capacity is. A 2800mamp battery with a 90hz display, what, huh? I wouldn't even consider it now. I do understand just how good their software optimization is but 2800mamp, nope it's a hard pass!

  6. Why does Google release their flagship products just as everyone is getting excited about the next gen processors and other hardware? This will have at best SD855+ but probably just SD855. But those in the know will much rather wait for the SD865 using 7nm EUV, in built 5G, much better battery life, better performance… Google do this every year though. The S11 will be out in a few months and will be a full generation ahead or Chinese options just a month or so after that. Google wonder why their pixel phones don't sell as well as they hope but they are last gen hardware and next gen prices, often with small batteries too.

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