Google Pixel 4 – TOP 5 FEATURES!!!

Google Pixel 4 & Pixel 4 XL are one of the most exciting upcoming phones of the year! lets discuss top 5 features based on offical and leaked stuff which is why you should be excited.

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25 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 – TOP 5 FEATURES!!!”

  1. One of the most worst looking designed smartphone ever.. it can't get worse than this.. It's absolutely Appalling.. I mean c'mon man.. it's not like it's the most original smartphone and they've nt copied anyone.. look at it's rear.. Applish and they cud have done the same to the front. Copy some shit.. Worst Shit.. I don't care if it has best in class shit can do MRI Face scan or shit.. it needs to look good.. I'm good even without Google but looks matter and this by God is going to be one another ugliest looking phone ever.

  2. I don't feel that Pixel 4 is huge upgrade over Pixel 3 at all. Design is still a crappy one, battery is actually a downgrade rather than upgrade. I don't know a single flagship smartphone of 2019 with the battery lower than 3000mAh battery. That's just ridiculous. Yes, it will be more cameras but I have doubts that the overall picture quality will be vastly improved. I used to have all Pixels by the way and still hold Pixel 3 XL in my hands right now. As for me the vast improvement would be 8GB RAM, 256GB storage at least, 40MP or 64MP main camera, true bezeless screen as on OP7 or Oppo Reno, 4000 mAH battery minimum.

  3. Google: we are implementing an extreme secure facial recognition technology, don’t worry its very secure
    Me when I accidentally press on a $100 in-app purchase: Yo wtf I wasn’t even facing towards my phone straight and it thought I wanted to buy that bundle!!

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