Google Pixel 4 Specs Are Here

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33 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 Specs Are Here”

  1. if they implement 6GB of RAM it's a no for me. 6GB is barely catching up to this current generation's flagship phones who are actually standardizing 8GB already, and don't get me started on the mediocre battery life of every Pixel. not sure who's running Google's hardware department but they really need to be replaced.

  2. Just wish Google would push hardware as much as the software. Heck or at least match what competition has had for a few years now. Really glad they stopped with this notch, cutout and popup camera shenanigans and really happy they cought up with 2017 mobiles to finally have more ram. Just sad that front facing speakers are now probably dead for good to please the anti bezel crowd. Also sad they dont at least also had a wide view camera. I will use that a looot more than telephoto. And if you do telephoto 2x or 3 by is just not as exciting as Huawei 5x periscope lens. Anyway Google will probably tell us why they dont need it and then include it in 2021

  3. If it doesn't have a headphone jack and MicroSD slot, what's the difference between this and an Iphone besides the OS? They're even gonna look exactly the same.

  4. Wow how did they managed to SHIT on themselves after a disaster Pixel 3. How genius? To release just a little updated shitty phone P3 after a YEAR but title it as a whole another phone. Damn now I'm worrying what phone to buy after P2

  5. Wow a whopping 6GB of RAM…wonder how much they'll increase the price for those crazy specs…

    P.S. Pixel phones are and always will be grossly overpriced garbage. Not one decent, competitively priced phone in sight ever since they killed the Nexus line.

  6. Google went from the Pixel XL then Pixel 2XL to one of the biggest blunders in the history of tech with the 3XL. Can they top that blunder with the 4XL? I mean c'mon! Someone tell them something! How can the design crew not see "oh no just the fact that the camera module looks like the new iPhones means we will not sell" or "these bezels are as huge as last year this will keep people from buying it" I mean really?

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